12 days Egypt tour Packages Cairo Nile cruise and Redsea

Enjoy 12 days Egypt Tour Packages Cairo Nile cruise and Redsea, Includes 3 Nights Nile cruise between Aswan and  Luxor,3 Nights in Luxor, discover the old Thebes,2 Nights in Cairo, Visit the Pyramids of Giza and 3 Nights in Sharm el-Sheikh.

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Enjoy 12 days Egypt Tour packages Cairo Nile cruise and Redsea, Includes 3 Nights Nile cruise between Aswan and  Luxor ,3 Nights in Luxor , discover the old Thebes,2 Nights in Cairo , Visit the Pyramids of Giza and The Museum and 3 Nights in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Day 1-Cairo-Aswan

We see you are scheduled to arrive in Aswan  After going through customs, our agent will be holding a sign with your name on it. You are to be taken via a 35-minute drive directly to the Nile cruise. Followed by 3 hours of guided walking and driving tour of Aswan. The attractions are to include the Unfinished Obelisk, the Temple of Philae and the High Dam

In the afternoon sailing trip with Felucca and option to visit the Nubian village

Day 2-Abu simble

Breakfast & Lunch onboard the cruise.

Early Visit to Abu Simbel from Aswan

Abu Simbel temples

The two temples of Ramses the second and the Queen Nefertari were carved out of the Mountain on the west bank of the Nile between 1274 and 1244 B.c, The Great Temple was dedicated to Ramses the second, Ra-Harakhty, Amun Ra and Ptah, with 4 Colossal statues, The second temple was dedicated to The Queen Nefertari and Goddess Hathor,the two temples were dismantled stone by stone and rebuilt on higher ground, The preservation of the two temples of Abu Simbel must Rank as the greatest Achievement of the Unesco

13:00 sail to Kom Ombo

 Visit The temple of Kom Ombo

The temple and the associated settlement site located 40 K.m north of Aswan, the temple was dedicated to the deities Sobek and Horus  and date mainly to the Ptolemaic and Roman period(332 B.b -395 A.c)
Sail to Edfu-Overnight in Edfu 
Dinner &overnight on board the Cruise
Galabyia Party.

Day 3-Edfu-Luxor

Breakfast on the board on the Nile cruise, Breakfast on the Nile Cruise, Visit the Edfu

Edfu temple :

Upper Egyptian site dominated by a large well -Preserved temple, dedicated to the hawk-God Horus, The Construction of Ptolemaic temple of Horus, which was founded on the site of a much earlier temple, dated to the period between the reigns of Ptolemy the Third(246 B.c), The descriptions on the walls include the Myth of contending of Horus and Seth(Probably performed annually as a religious Drama.
Sail to Luxor through Esna lock
Visit Luxor temple

Luxor Temple:
Largely built by the New Kingdom Pharaoh Amenhotep the Third and Completed by King Tutankhamon and the Great King Ramses the second, The First pylon was raised by Ramses the second and Decorated  with His Military Battle of Kadesh

Luxor Museum:

The Luxor Museum was built on the eastern bank of the Nile to display the exquisite finds that reflect the luxury of Thebes during the New Kingdom. The artifacts displayed focus on the ancient Egyptian beliefs and military glory during the “Age of the Empire” in Egypt.

The museum was opened in 1975, and an annexe was added and inaugurated in 2004. Since the beginning, it opts a “quality not quantity” concept. A marvellous unique collection worth visiting. The collection includes masterpieces royal sculpture, mummies, manuscripts, as well as Coptic and Islamic artefacts which were discovered in the Theban area.

Dinner &overnight on board the Cruise


Day 4-the valley of Kings

Enjoy hotair Balloon above the valley of the kings, The hot air Balloon tour in Luxor , we can help you Get a stunning balloon ride over the historic, A hot air balloon in Luxor is an incredible way to see the “world’s largest open-air museum, See the valley of the Kings and temples

The Valley of the Kings:
Once  called the great Place of the Truth, this valley Called now the valley of the Kings, It is a Majestic domain of the Pharaohs who once lay in great stone Sarcophagi, awaiting immortality, The isolated valley behind Deir el Bahri is dominated by the Pyramid-Shaped Mountain Peak

The colossi of Memnon:
Massive  pair statues Know as the  Colossi of Memnon, Rising about 18 M from the plain, They are the remains of what once the largest  complex on the west bank, Built by Amenhotep the Third

The Queen Hatshepsut temple :
Rising out of the desert Plain, in a series of terraces, The temple of Hatshepsut Mergs with sheer limestone Cliffs of the eastern face of the Theban Mountain as if Nature herself had built this Extraordinary monument.

Overnight o board of the Cruise in Luxor

Karnak temple
Karnak is more than A temple, is a spectacular Complex of Sanctuaries, Kiosks, Pylons and Obelisks, All dedicated to the Theban gods and to the Greater Glory of Egypt`s Pharaohs, Karnak was the Most Important place for the worship of the Theban Triad(Amun, Mut, and Khonso) 

Disembarkation after Breakfast. and Transfer to your Hotel in Luxor

Day 5-Dendera and Abydos

Pick up from Hotel in Luxor and Depart to Dendera An Early pick up from your hotel in Luxor and Drive to Dendera temple , The Distance is 60 K.m and it takes 1 Hour driving, We will take Luxor -Qena Agricultural road, Get Great Experience about  life in Egyptian upper Egypt villages

Visit Dendera temple
Arrival to Qena, Qena is a very beautiful City and Cross the Nile to the west bank to Visit Dendera temple

The Temple of Hathor was largely constructed during the Late Ptolemaic period, specifically during the reign of Ptolemy XII and Cleopatra VII. Later additions were made during the Roman period. Although built by a dynasty of rulers who were not native Egyptians themselves, the design of this temple has been found to be in accordance to that of other classical Egyptian temples, with the exception of the front of the hypostyle hall, which, according to an inscription above the entrance, was constructed by the Emperor Tiberius.

After visit Dendera temple ,Drive to Abydos from Dendera temple ,Lunch will be served in Local restaurant at Abydos

Abydos temple

Considered one of the most important archaeological sites of Ancient Egypt, the sacred city of Abydos was the site of many ancient temples, including Umm el-Qa'ab, a royal necropolis where early pharaohs were entombed. These tombs began to be seen as extremely significant burials and in later times it became desirable to be buried in the area, leading to the growth of the town's importance as a cult site.

Drive to Luxor Hotel


Day 6-Mumification Museum and karnak


After breakfast . Your tour guide should be there ready for you. You are to explore the East Bank of Luxor . The first stop via a 15-minute drive is the Mummification Museum. There you are to be provided with a 1-hour guided tour. Next via a 10-minute drive is the Karnak Temple. There you are to be provided with a 6-hour guided tour. Around 12:00pm, there is to be a 30-minute break so you can have lunch at a nearby restaurant. Next via a 5-minute drive is a visit to the Winter Palace Hotel. There you are to be provided with a 30-minute guided tour. You should be back at your hotel around 5:00pm. You have the rest of the evening to yourself.

Day 7- Luxor- Cairo- Old Cairo

Check out . Your tour guide should be there ready for you, along with your private driver. You are to be taken via a 30-minute drive to the airport. You are to take  flight to Cairo

Upon arrival, please proceed to the arrival hall, which is before getting your luggage. your tour guide will be  holding a sign with your name on it..Tour guide’s name is your tour guide for today and tomorrow. Accompanying you and your tour guide is your own private driver. You are to be taken on a full-day guided tour around Cairo . You should be at your hotel in Giza around 8:00pm, which is about a 40-minute drive away. You have the rest of the evening to yourself.

1.    The Mosque of Ibn Tulun
2.     Cairo Citadel
3.    Hanging Church
4.     Cairo Cave Church (a.k.a. Saints Sergius and Bacchus Church)
5.    Ben Ezra Synagogue
6.    Khan el-Khalili bazaar

Day 8- Pyramids of Giza

Please be in the lobby at 8:00 am. Your tour guide should be there ready for you, along with your private driver. Destinations for today are the ancient sites of Dahshur (1-hour guided tour), then Memphis (30-minute guided tour), then Saqqara (2-hour guided tour) and finally the Giza Pyramids (2-hour guided tour accompanied by camel riding for 30 minutes). We recommend you have lunch after visiting Saqqara. You are to be taken via a 15-minute drive back to your hotel after visiting the Giza Pyramids.

Please again be in the lobby at 6:00pm. Your tour guide should be there ready for you, along with your private driver. You are to be taken back to the Giza Pyramids. There you are to watch the sound and light show. It begins at 7:00pm and ends at 8:00pm. You are to be taken back to your hotel after the show. You have the rest of the evening to yourself.


  • Pick up service at the airport
  • 3 nights 5-star Nile cruise between Aswan and Luxor
  • An escorted knowledgable tour guide all over the tour.
  • All your transportation during the tour with a private A.C car
  • Entering fees to all the mentioned sightseeing on the itinerary.
  • Hot air balloon
  • Private transfer from Luxor to Marsa Alam
  • Visit Abu Simbel temples included 
  • All Service Charges and taxes.


  • Domestic flights Cairo-Aswan-Luxor Cairo
  • Domestic Flight- Cairo-Sharm-Sharm-Cairo
  • Hotels in Luxor- 3 Nights 
  • Hotel in Cairo- 3 Nights
  • Hotel in Sharm- 3 Nights

Please remember to bring:

  • Passports
  • Suncreams
  • Hat
  • sunglasses
  • swimmingsuits


12 days Egypt tour Packages Cairo Nile cruise and Redsea

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